Travel time and busy hours dissolved: Care to try out these?

Work From Home

Many a time, we see ourselves lost in the abyss! Although unintentionally, our idleness eventually eats up our consciousness to do anything. The proven studies show that human brains tend to enjoy this laziness, which later creeps up to become a habit and then to your intention to even lift the newspaper from the front door! The only way to escape this is a compulsive mindset to do something productive.

We are all on the same page when we collectively agree on the benefits and downsides of remote working. Some of us even enjoy the privilege of working just 5 days a week. You might belong to a Fortune 500 company or one among those industries headquartered abroad, working according to their holidays and time frame. That said, the pandemic has additionally given you a slow-ride to prove your capability and discipline.  Next question is, how many of you are utilizing this “granted vacation” productively? Or are you willing to take up the challenge of setting cognitive or other targets and achieve them? Then, here you go!

  • Business skillset improvement is one of the crucial factors you need to consider and obtain before you go back to office post-COVID-19. The current VUCA world is a hotspot for massive lay-offs, and we must be in a position to prove our strength against the tough competition we might confront.  Take up online courses, participate in webinars, and workshops – most of them are exclusively free of cost! Just remember that you are only putting in the time you spent on traveling to the office and back.
  • Participate in discussion groups and be an active contributor. Joining the teams more relevant to your field will be more beneficial. Or if you are in it for the fun, well, explore the vast sea of domains open! This will bring in you a newly found confidence while getting exposed to topics from various streams, improving your public speaking abilities that might eventually benefit your professional trajectory.
  • It would be a major advantage to gain certification in any of the courses or training sessions relevant to your domain. Free of cost courses are a thing but, this can go into your resume along with the explanation of spending quality time and being productive during the lockdown.

Now, for those who are done with cognitive stuff, here are some fun activities:

Read book per week. Or, get some crayons and a colouring book. You know, off-screen activities are fun too.

– Map your career trajectory. Seek the help of a doodle creator or an analysis chart. This could be more fun if you are an analyst. Do yours and offer to help your friends who wish to know the same.

– Share your wisdom. Start a blog or a new channel to communicate ‘need of the hour’ messages. It could even be a minute video to entertain your followers with games, trivia or cookery. Find the best talent at your disposal to spread some positivity.

 – Nothing beats the effort of helping another being during the times of need. A little philanthropy – It can be of any format – If you are good with designing or writing, you could volunteer to help any NGO coordinate their content and help it reach far and wide. If you are an analyst, you could help put together data and make it available for public awareness. If you are an entertainer, you know how to use it to spread joy across. 

An idle mind will always be the devil’s workshop. Do your thing and it will be YOUR productive workshop.

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