Top 7 trends in the workplace post COVID-19

Workplace Trends during COVID-19

Inconsiderate of the gender, race, religion or ethnicity, COVID-19 has mercilessly marred geographical boundaries. Yes, this certainly is the ‘emergency period’ the Millennials have confronted. However, having the fortune of being born close to the era of technological abundance, most of them have the luxury of utilizing their boon to the fullest, which enabled them to par this crisis slowly but effortlessly. With remote working trend ruling the social media spheres, the world, yes, you heard it right, the entire world understood the capability of technology and how well it can be incorporated to make our lives easier.

Looking beyond, we certainly are going to curb the pandemic. Thanks to our vigil and agile civil servants and gratitude to the exceptionally strong healthcare professionals. The recovery phase is sure to bring in major lifestyle changes as well as shifts in the work format. Avtar group, the leading diversity and inclusion firm has traced the top seven trends that the world will witness and blended it with the preparatory measures organizations can adapt, to prep for the foreseen alterations.

1. Providing WFH to Employees: Flexcurity

The world has proven and accepted the surprising effects of remote working. But how can an organization measure or quantify the amount of work done by their employees ensuring zero revenue loss? Avtar’s proprietary tool Flexcurity comes in handy to decide on the delegation and unbundling of works with respect to their key responsibility areas to enable flawless and healthy progression.

2. Managing Work and Home: Flexing Success

With more time to spare for one’s family, working parents, especially women are tangled between the knots of work and home. And as per reports, remote workers work an additional 1.4 more days per month when compared to the regular office-goers, which sums up to 17 extra days a year. Flexing Success, another essential tool from Avtar, helps integrating work and life in a manner that women don’t succumb to the pressure of handling multiple responsibilities.

3. Re-build the Culture of Inclusion and Belongingness: Allyship & Belongingness

The impact of COVID-19 has hit the workforce around the globe adversely. This gives room for scepticism and intimidating thoughts on whether or not their numbers are up. Organizations need to ensure that they maintain a healthy and supportive environment for its employees to maintain the harmony and lessen the pressure. Avtar’s training program, which is now available in webinar format – Allyship and Belongingness focuses on helping leaders to leverage the power of D&I – by creating allyship and sense of belongingness amongst their employees.

4. Sustaining Careers, Subject Matter Expertise, Improving Business Skillset: Intentional Career Pathing, DigiPivot

The uncertain break in the economy has benefitted a set of individuals, mid-career women being one among them. Intentional Career Pathing, a flagship training program by Avtar enables mid-career women to pursue their career trajectory, helping them get back on track or enhance their current skill set as a preparation for the post COVID phase. DigiPivot is another major initiative done in collaboration with Google and Indian School of Business.

5. Climbing the Ladder: Everyday Leadership

Massive lay-offs and unprecedented situations have in turn tightened the situation. With this, the chance for an intensively competitive workforce is tough to evolve. Everyday Leadership for Millennial Women Professionals by Avtar can help early-career women to not only thrive, but grow in their career trajectory.

6. Learning via Webinars: Gender Intelligence in Talent Acquisition; POSH; Male as Gender Advocates; Male as Gender Advocated

A growing business requires potential and intentional career enthusiasts to thrive in the market. Especially in this VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) scenario, most professionals have access to the flexible work environment. Through various workshops and trainings, Avtar makes the progression from the pandemic-phase to back-to-office-phase an easier transition.

7. Virtual Summits: FGDs and Virtual Meetings

Even post COVID, preventive measures are imperative to recover from the impact completely. Business continuity and social distancing needs to go hand in hand. Virtual meetings and conferences can still be made possible with leaders, without compromising the health of employees. Understanding their organization’s best practices can help other organizations accomplish their goals following similar strategies laid out. 

According to Gartner, a whopping 74% of global leaders are affirmative on making remote working permanent. The action-plans by governments for curbing the pandemic over the world are progressing well. The number of cases is steady or decreasing and a good number of them recovering. We definitely are enroute the phase of recovery. And thus, definitely need to prepare for the top trends that are likely to catch on.

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