Through the Routes of Inclusion: IBM and Tata Starbucks Speak

As a large-format DE&I conclave, BoB 2020 offered a spectacular virtual venue for the global leaders, HR fraternity and enthusiastic delegates to take away a treasure of knowledge base back to their respective organisations. The 2020 theme, #IgnitePotential was a sought-after focal point that immersed the audiences’ attention towards the inclusion journey of the winners at BoB 2020. The Pride journey of organisations was the much-awaited conversation sessions for the participants, for understanding and acknowledging the gaps that prevail in the system with respect to LGBTQ+ inclusion, and learn innovative practices to foster inclusion of those members in their respective organisations. Hence, the BoB Exclusive session on Taking Pride – Appreciating the Gender Spectrum featuring Ms Prachi Rastogi, Diversity and Inclusion Leader at IBM, had a few hundred spectators awaiting to know the secret ingredients of inclusion that accommodates the marginalised talent pool of the LGBTQ+ community.

“If you see somebody being discriminated against, you stand up and raise your voice – clearly not being aggressive or mean, because nobody is really ill-intentioned. People do stuff because of probably unawareness”, stated Ms Rastogi, while answering a question posted by one of the participants on the external eminence of allyship. “Allyship for us (IBM) is a verb; it doesn’t really end. And we tell people with a lot of warmth and love, to support others (employees facing discrimination) as it is most important to be an ally and a bold one”, she added.  

The session, live with active participants featured the second speaker for the day, Ms Nabamita Banerjee, Associate Director, Partner (Human) Resources at Tata Starbucks, who spoke on the topic of Empowering Women – A part of gender inclusion, diversity and equity. To a question on supporting women talents, Ms Banerjee described the best practices followed at Tata Starbucks, which has helped the organisation improve women leadership. “From time to time, we do believe in unlocking the potential of our women talents. Programs that identify key women talents, key-talent mentorship programmes for women leaders, are some of them. We are also on the verge of rolling out one this month, and it is an ongoing effort for us”, stated Ms Banerjee. 

Overall, the 45-minutes session of case studies and Q&A forum became the ground for participants to gauge the innovative best practices followed towards inclusion, which helped in the D&I journey of IBM and Tata Starbucks. Divisional Manager, Consulting & Solutions, Avtar, Ms Nisha Chandran moderated the session.

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