The Curtain Rises!

2021 BCWI & MICI

Unwavering Intentionality is what leads to success stories. Among the many, many stories of individual triumphs, there is a strong support system in the backend that has laid the path, enabling those platforms for the individuals to sustain and thrive. For the past five years, Avtar, India’s DEI solutions expert, in collaboration with Working Mother Media, a celebrated global gender champion from the US, has been conducting India’s largest diversity analytics exercise titled BCWI – Best Companies for Women in India. In its run, the study identifies and recognizes the best companies in India, which have created an inclusive environment for attraction, retention, and development of women talent. 

In its 20th year of existence, Avtar has been the harbinger of diversity traction in India Inc. It has enabled success stories of several thousand women, in the course of pursuing its vision of improved women’s workforce participation in the country. In its association with Working Mother Media, India’s largest diversity analytics study was initiated, adding to the existing expertise and reach, which in turn have opened doors for India Inc. to record their ground-breaking stories of inclusion and diversity. With over 300 applications received annually, BCWI identifies the most impactful stories and metrices, further bestowing the 100 Best and Top 10 Best Companies’ recognition.

The canvas got bigger since 2019 with the introduction of MICI – Most Inclusive Companies Index. Entering its third year of successful running, MICI concentrates on the growth in the strands of gender, generation, people with disabilities, LGBTQ and cultural (linguistic) diversity and socioeconomic diversity.  

Extraordinary contribution in the spheres of inclusion and diversity was recorded of companies, in their stride to building an all-inclusive, diverse workforce. And year after year, it is heartening to see the commitment of companies rising, re-establishing our research results on the benefits of DEI, which include improved profitability and greater engagement.

We look forward to another amazing year to record novel and inspiring stories on inclusion and expect your presence and participation in India’s largest diversity and inclusion exercises, 2021 BCWI and MICI.

Any company with a minimum of 500 employees in its Indian operations is eligible to apply. You can register here:

Let us join hands to reaffirm our commitment to DEI!

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