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The Power of I Conference

We are past the half-way mark of this year, 2020. As leaders, there still is a considerable lot on our individual to-do lists that require reimagining, restructuring and re-inventing! Starting from the restructuring of official protocols to strategizing for remote working continuity to ensuring employee well-being, the list is quite demanding. But an interesting revelation is that as we get ready for a post-Covid era, we find ourselves exhibiting resilience and adaptability in good measures –a silver lining to the clouds cast by the unexpected pandemic of the century – COVID-19. And as leaders & practitioners, we are fortunate to carry the power to cascade these traits in the teams that we influence!

What is the Power of I? The Power of I is a virtual summit curated by Avtar that will host the most pertinent discussions on the inclusive power a leader has to drive organizational change. It is the result of research on work motivation, personal work values and job attitudes in creating a great culture and therefore, organizational success. A forum which will have experienced practitioners and thought leaders gracing the stage, is certain to become the guiding light for not only managing the crisis at hand but also create better ethos of people management as we move into a post COVID era.

Inclusion is often deeply personal. Which is why Inclusion gets into the organizational DNA only when every employee feels included and develops a strong sense of belongingness to their organizations. One of the important pre-requisites for this to happen, is that for employees to experience greater empathy and compassion from their leaders (which then organically becomes part of organizational behavior). When an employee feels valued and feels that his/her/their challenges are given their due by their employers, they demonstrate greater intent, they feel empowered to contribute. This web conclave offers a platform to share such success stories – of leaders and of organizations where humanizing behaviours have helped manage crises, have helped affect change, have helped foster a culture of allyship & belongingness.

Another important area of discussion would be on leading with authenticity. Times are undoubtedly challenging. There is VUCA across dimensions of health, economics and business. Even as managing this turbulence is on every intentional leader’s mind, it is important that one does so with authenticity. Authentic leaders are able to inspire their teams to have a greater sense of direction and purpose. Through their genuine conviction, they help their teams prepare for the challenges of tomorrow. The Power of I will see leaders share their transformational journeys to greater authenticity and the wonderful outcomes itself resulted in.

But where does the Power of I begin? It begins with ‘I’, within one’s own personal boundaries. There is this concept of self-inclusion which has not been discussed enough, deliberated on. While organizations one works with can have various initiatives towards including its people, the action begins with one. It is only when one is able to appreciate one’s true worth and becomes his/her/their ally, the journey to being included begins. Through Power of I, we hope to share such powerful stories of why one’s strongest ally is one-self and what we need to break those blocks of exclusion we harbour for our self.

It is amazing how adversity can open the door to opportunities. In the last few months, we have seen how much of the world adapted to remote ways of working and remote ways of experiencing facets of life like entertainment. Even as we wait for the times to get better and our pre COVID luxuries to return, what we have also seen is the power of technology to simulate experiences. Through virtual experiential workshops, Power of I will also help you discover tools and techniques to lead from the front during these challenging times.

So what is that the Power of I promises to deliver in such challenging times? The Power of I will help leaders unleash a very important arm in their armory – that of inclusivity. When leaders are demonstrably inclusive (they, trigger the true Power of I), they absorb diverse perspectives and are receptive of tangential, radical ideas. They exhibit heightened awareness of their own biases (and have mastered techniques to manage the same), engage employee conflicts more constructively and drive home a sense of belongingness in their workforce. They promote agile ways of working, nurture ownership as a valuable employee behavior and are able to drive consensus in distributed teams. All of which can lead to very desirable organizational outcomes, given the times we are in!

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