If it hasn’t been your day, your week, your month or year, it’s time to check your DEI Health

Reasons why wins happen is always quoted, written, and embossed in golden letters. Always! But the reasons why failures happen end up being relegated to individual learning, or something that gets gobbled up by the effects of the failure. It’s time we propagate the reasons and learnings from failures, so as to cultivate a generation that can get past the “old” trial and error hack. What is presented is a list of dimensions along which every company needs to have a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) health check in place as you plan and strategize for a rewarding 2021!

  • People & Process – Your Power:

Good DEI health is important for every company as people are their fundamental resource. It doesn’t matter how evolved the company is on its DEI agenda, keeping a tab matters. Having routine check-ups on DEI hygiene like monitoring and reviewing key diversity metrics, looking at market benchmarks, wage pay equity exercises are some of the non-negotiable elements.

  • Data & Diversity – Your Companion:

We had stepped into the digital puddle as early as when millennials were infants. Growing up with that by the side, digital tools have stepped up to become the companion in fulfilling almost all our goals. As such, for DEI goals as well. When a company gets on board with its DEI goals, it is important to never underestimate any number that may come by. Deploying diversity intelligent data should become the basis for all strategy and planning, that is diversity.

  • Culture and Equity – Your Pride

The larger goals envisioned by the company is achieved by a “team”, together. If a snowball effect is anticipated than a domino effect, this will be the key factor a company has to address first. Enabling employee careers equitably, irrespective of the gender, community, culture, ethnicity, geography itself sets an elevated path for the employees, that will pave the way to immense success. Assessing the extent of equity penetration in the company’s practices, should thus be an activity of periodic focus.

  • Belongingness & Inclusion – Your Potion

As soon as the file closes for diversity hiring, many companies consider that the end for their “mega-branding” of DEI compliance. But no. It doesn’t stop there. Indeed, it must never halt for once. Learnings from the past “trial and error” strategy have recorded a good number of failed approaches which a company has to revisit and revamp. And the most critical one among those is ignorance of ‘I’ – Inclusion. Keeping a tab on employee experience of inclusion and belongingness, should be on every progressive organization’s agenda as it prepares to take 2021, heads on!

A healthy DEI ecosystem can result not only in better business outcomes, but also improved risk resilience and better brand image. Employee happiness is a welcome by-product.

Every day is a new and good day. So, start-action-today! Want to know how Avtar can assist you with your DEI health plan? Drop us a note at info@avtarcc.com

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