Different is beautiful. Different is an opportunity.

Of the many things that HP Inc. instils in our employees, two of the most significant ones that we want to touch upon is first that, People are always intentionally kept at the centre of everything we do and second is that the HP Way of Life reiterates the importance of trust & respect in the way we treat people and the community amongst other core values. These are the building blocks on which every single decision, action or thought begins to develop itself from an idea to something special.

Creating an inclusive environment and practice while being an equal opportunity employer is something we believe in with complete conviction. All employees at HP India are treated equally regardless of who they are and who they love. We are witness to the silent strength of differently abled people in our teams and are inspired constantly and of course the young employees network brings in diverse perspectives to help us innovate and engage in a more robust and relevant manner.

Zooming in to focus on Gender Equality

Celebrating uniqueness

We take a lot of pride in the way we acknowledge collective individualism; realizing how each one of us behave makes an impact to the community at large.  HP India looks to celebrate and value each person’s uniqueness and a good starting point for us has been our continued focus on awareness, sensitization and learning. This not only allows women at the workplace to feel more empowered but for our male colleagues to recognize biases gives us the impetus to create a conducive environment.

Challenge stereotypes

Steering clear of formed decisions or fixed perceptions has been key to our journey in gender diversity. The problems or challenges women face at the workplace can differ; fine tuning that internal monologue can truly help us be able to separate what we’d like to think as an action towards equality from what a woman actually needs, to better the quality of work life for herself. One of our early learnings has been in order to make a meaningful difference, we need to listen and communicate.

Stronger Together

Not just on Women’s or Mother’s Day but we strive to ensure women at the workplace everyday. We make women feel like they have someone to talk to, somewhere to go when in doubt, or a resource to leverage for self-development. Our goal has been to introduce programs whose very architecture demands it be omnipresent, perpetual and focused. One of the major benefits we have come to see from this community-based design is improved productivity and being better equipped to make decisions.

Growth Mindset

We believe that to grow and succeed, imbibing a strong belief that we are in control of our lives, that we need to make the efforts to learn and improve ourselves is the key to success. This basic mindset has the power to shape our lives and that is reflected through the various Leadership programs and mentoring opportunities that are designed for women in HP India. Our employees are reminded there is no box, to let their imagination take flight and to do what they love and fuel their dreams into life.

Women for Women

Power of the pack is undeniably a proven concept. A woman trying to navigate through the working environment will often find other women to be more emphatic to the systemic hurdles that can sometimes be existent. Sharing and drawing insights from peers who have been there, done that can be liberating and inspiring. Doing this enables us to build circles of trust with each other because most times someone might have or is experiencing similar hurdles, and you can have each other’s backs. Women lifting and encouraging women is something that we always advocate.

Writing our story together

So, finally let us end by saying that at HP India we do have various different policies, programs and initiatives that are built to drive gender equality and inclusivity but the most essential of it – one that we chose to highlight is our ‘Culture’. That unwavering view we embrace profoundly affects the way we choose to lead our lives- different but as equals. Where it’s not just a nice-to-say statement but we do believe different is beautiful and that each person’s uniqueness provides the opportunity to write an incredible story of strength, of leadership, of inspiration and of love not because of all challenges but despite it.  

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