Avtar Announces D&I Reboot 2.O

D&I Reboot

The unique workshop which focusses on building inclusive conversations and maintaining the D&I curve to stay AHEAD post Pandemic – is to be held for the second time this month.

Chennai, June 15, 2020: Following a splendid success of Diversity & Inclusion Reboot V.1, Avtar Group, India’s leading D&I solutions firm announces Reboot V.2, to cater to the demands from industry leaders.

Facilitated by Dr Saundarya Rajesh, Founder – President of Avtar Group, D&I Reboot looks at Inclusion best practices that organizations have used, successfully, during times of volatility and uncertainty, in order to ensure that their overall D&I goals are not compromised. D&I Reboot uses a new style of learning – a facilitated conversation, which is a panel discussion, a workshop and a table-level brainstorming all rolled into one.

The first Reboot held in early June was participated by leaders from across industry verticals comprising companies such as 3M, Abbot, Allianz, Biocon, Capgemini, Deloitte, Givaudan, Invesco, Mastercard, Optum, Target, Titan India to name just a few.

The workshop was followed by a gripping and an enlightening panel discussion with industry veterans — Ashok Ramachandran, CEO & President of Schiendler India, Gopal Srinivasan, Chairman of TVS Capital, Ramesh Ramadurai, Managing Director of 3M India and Shalini Pillay, Managing Partner at KPMG.  The discussion revolved around the A-H-E-A-D framework — Assess, Humanize, Empathize, Affirm & Dialogue and how Inclusive organizations leverage diversity in teams to strengthen their inclusion strategies during the Covid times.

The session received very positive feedback from the audience. Due to restriction of the number of seats in a given session, the D&I Reboot workshop which was oversubscribed the first time, is being brought back for a second edition. 

“D&I Reboot provided a platform for us to engage with industry leaders and understand their perspectives on Inclusion & Diversity, particularly in times of Covid-19”, expressed a participant from Dow Chemicals. Meanwhile, another participant from Allianz Technology said that the Reboot session was filled with new visions and new ideas.

“The insights and best practices shared by leaders from across industry verticals in the breakout sessions were absolutely cutting edge”, exclaimed a leader from 3M for whom the AHEAD framework takeaways will reinforce the Inclusion practices at the organization.

D&I Reboot emphasizes the usage of the research-based AHEAD framework, which is created by Avtar after having understood how organizations are able to drive D&I culture during a crisis time. By building on this foundation of AHEAD, organizations will be successful in aligning their diversity roadmaps with new business realities. The session is meant for senior leadership teams of organizations who are involved in leading the D&I agenda.

“Embedding D&I in the organizational structure, leaders will be able to build the rigor in businesses and enable an ease of transition to flexible working. Further, with inclusion as the baseline, leaders will also be able to create a culture of Diversity & Inclusion, even during demanding times such as this, a prerogative for growing organizations. A how-to for retaining and engaging high performing teams during a crisis situation, without losing productivity is the objective of this session,” explained Dr Saundarya Rajesh, Social Entrepreneur, Founder – President of Avtar Group.

Every business leader is brainstorming with their senior leadership team on the most relevant immediate transformation, to keep the revenues flowing in. People discussions, product discussions and profit discussions are layered with scenarios of different virus-altered realities.

As culture-builders of our organization, the question in every D&I practitioner’s mind is this: Will a post-pandemic world allow all the good work done in the space of Diversity & Inclusion to move ahead? Or will it bring about a sudden stop to each of the diversity-led discussions? Will the lockdown-enforced flexibility automatically bring in a deeper understanding of the work-life challenges of every employee? Or will all the plans made for embedding inclusion – which involved elaborate events, multi-layered engagement practices and a world which took “presence” for granted, now lose steam?

Dr Saundarya will address these very pertinent questions in a two-hour public session titled – D&I Reboot. Author of one of India’s most successful and compelling books on Diversity & Inclusion, The 99 Day Diversity Challenge, Dr Saundarya will address a select audience on June 25, 2020 through a webinar.

Having Diversity in organizations is one thing. But including all the employees from different strands of diversity – Gender, LGBTQ, PwDs, Silver Generation and Socio-economic backgrounds – to leverage their talent to find answers to the million questions in these trying times is another. The AHEAD framework will enable leaders to win over the Virus Created Crisis (VCC) situation and build stronger inclusive workspaces for a post Covid-era.

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